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Marine Cloud sets up service schedule notifications for on-board equipment so that  manufacturer maintenance schedules & regular checks are never missed.

Manufacturer maintenance schedules are fixed based on  the recommended intervals, you to turn off manufacturer schedules and setup your own Custom Schedules for any part.

Parts integrate with any relevant documentation, unplanned maintenance and defect reports, building a detailed log of maintenance. If you upgrade or change equipment Marine Cloud adds it to your account.

Maintenance notifications

  • Via email to your chosen contacts
  • Online dashboard displays current and upcoming notifications
  • Online calendar – filter to display only relevant items shows past, current & upcoming notifications
  • Offline calendar – export calendars to any device and view notifications offline up to a year ahead

All you need to know about a part in one place:

  • Current & Upcoming maintenance notifications
  • View Manufacturer maintenance schedules & instructions
  • Setup Custom Schedules to replace a Manufacturer schedule
  • Update running hours
  • View user manuals
  • View & Upload service documentation
  • View & Log any Unplanned Maintenance
  • View & Open Defect Reports *Optional feature

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