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The latest Marine Cloud features and upgrades

Posted on 9th September 2015
We have listened to the feedback from you, our customers and over the last 12 months we have been working on some fairly big changes to improve the system and introduce  new features. We are proud of the new features and hope they provide useful new additions to help you run your vessel.

We hope these upgrades demonstrate our commitment to providing the best service, thanks for your continued custom. Here are the latest Marine Cloud planned maintenance system features and upgrades.



New layout pulls all the information about a part in to one place

The new Parts section provides a list of all your vessel’s equipment; fixed OEM maintenance schedules setup by Marine Cloud can now be viewed, turned off and replaced with your own Custom Schedule for that part.
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Keep up to date wherever you are with online & offline calendars

Choose which notifications are displayed visually in a calendar format. View online & offline up to 12 months ahead, view your yacht maintenance schedules by exporting to a calendar on mobile device, tablet or computer.
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Manage tasks with checklists

Setup your own digital checklists such as daily, weekly, monthly checks. You will be reminded with a notification when a checklist is due.
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Certificates Folder

Never let a Certificate expire

The Certificates folder is where your current and previous certificates are stored.
Upload certificates and set an expiry date so you are notified before they expire, setup folders to organise certificates such as Safety, Vessel, Flag, Class.
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New name & more powerful

We’ve renamed Regular Activities, its now called Tasks. Just as before you can setup your own notifications, Tasks expands on the previous set of features.
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Unplanned Maintenance

It’s in the name

We have renamed ‘Miscellaneous Maintenance’ to Unplanned Maintenance, because it makes more sense! Unplanned Maintenance is now found under the Parts Tab. Nothing else has changed.

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