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New Features – Calendar

Calendar summary

  • Setup custom calendars to include anything from your planned maintenance system
  • View calendars online
  • Subscribe to calendars from you mobile device, tablet or computer
  • View calendars offline up to 12 months ahead

Keep up to date wherever you are with online & offline calendars

Here your chosen notifications are displayed visually in a calendar format.
Each user can setup multiple calendars filtered to display their chosen items from the following categories: Part Maintenance, Tasks, Meter Readings, Checklists, Certificates, already acknowledged notifications can also be displayed.


Calendars can be viewed offline, up to 12 months ahead

Once you have chosen the Parts, Tasks, Checklists or Certificates you would like to see in your calendar you can save and then export that calendar to an offline calendar or App such as iCal or Outlook found on most mobiles, tablets and computers.

Calendars always up to date on your mobile, tablet or computer

Exporting a calendar is actually a live subscription to your Marine Cloud Calendar, this means any device you export the calendar to will be automatically updated with the latest notifications from Marine Cloud whilst your device has an Internet connection.

With no Internet connection, the calendar notifications are still available for offline use and you can view up to 12 months ahead. When you reach an Internet connection again the calendar on your device will automatically update with the latest notifications.

Offline iCal subscribed to a Marine Cloud calendar…


Totally flexible

Calendars can display schedules for any of the parts on your vessel: If the Engineer only wants to see the servicing notifications for the Engines & Generators they can cherry pick these from the list of parts and save it. Multiple calendars can be setup with their own specific selections E.g No.1 Engines & Generators No.2 Engine Room Checklists No.3 Safety Certificates

Choose what to include…