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New Features – Checklists

Checklists summary

  • Setup custom checklists
  • Get notified when checklists are due
  • View & complete online
  • View & filter all previous checklists for audit
  • View completed checklists by date or by task
  • Easily flag up non complete tasks
  • Export completed checklists as PDF
  • Send directly to shore contact via email

Manage tasks with checklists

Setup your own digital checklists such as daily, weekly, monthly checks.
You will be reminded with a notification when a checklist is due.

For those whose use their checklists to incorporate ISM or Mini ISM and require auditing, you can easily view all previous checklists and quickly identify which items haven’t been done and flag up any ‘repeat offenders’ such as items regularly not being completed.

Building a new checklist