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New Features – Parts

Parts summary

  • View notifications for each part
  • View OEM maintenance schedules and instructions for each part
  • Turn OEM maintenance schedules On or Off
  • Assign  Custom Schedules to parts to replace the OEM schedule
  • View Custom Schedules and instructions for each part
  • Turn Custom Schedules On or Off
  • Update running hours
  • View user manuals
  • View & Upload service documentation
  • View & Log any Unplanned Maintenance
  • View & Open a Defect Report *Optional feature

New layout pulls all the information about a part in to one place

The new Parts section provides a list of all your vessel’s equipment; fixed OEM maintenance schedules setup by Marine Cloud can now be viewed, turned off and replaced with your own Custom Schedule for that part.

The part dashboard


Turn off manufacturer service schedules & setup custom schedules

Some Motor Yachts using the Marine Cloud planned maintenance system are choosing to service their machinery such as Generators and Engines more frequently than the OEM manufacturer service schedule. This OEM service schedule can be turned off by the Yacht and replaced with their own more frequent maintenance plan.

Service schedules beyond the warranty period

Many new vessels have to comply with strict manufacturer servicing schedules for up to 3 or more years to maintain and gain access to their warranty in the case of a mechanical breakdown. When this period is over some vessels choose to implement a new servicing regime which fits better with how they operate their vessel such as seasonal Superyachts and Commercial Vessels which are worked on continuous duty.

Setting up a custom schedule


Manufacturer schedules, view more details

Via the new Part dashboards you can now view full details of the manufacturer service schedules held on the Marine Cloud database.