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Defect Reporting

Defect Reporting is an optional module aimed at those operating or managing a fleet of vessels, some vessels must comply with defect reporting process as a statutory requirement under Flag or Class. Fleet operators often use defect reporting as a tool for flagging up and logging defects or procedural non-conformity process and resolution.

Structured & logged process

The defect reporting process is logged from start to finish. Opening a Defect Report starts the process; on-board & shore based staff contribute around the required course of action; confirmation the defect is resolved is required before a report can be closed.

Keep shore management up to date

Reports can be opened against a piece of equipment, or a custom area of your choosing and assigned a priority level from ‘ship cannot trade’ down to non-urgent break downs. Your chosen shore based contacts are automatically notified of the defect and can log in to view and contribute to the process.

  • Automatically emailed to a shore contact
  • Search archived defect reports
  • Filter defect reports based on Priority, Part, Category & Status (opened/closed)
  • Quickly list all open defects
  • Export as PDF to easily send

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