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Marine Cloud package options

Is Marine Cloud what I need?


You have a boat or fleet of boats and would like all your manuals accessible but not have to worry about storing the hard copies onboard. In addition you would like to be sent emails reminding your vessel/s that a certain part needs a service or your attention. The system also allows you to upload all your service records so when the time comes to sell the vessel you have a complete set of digital records.

In addition to our standard packages below we offer custom systems to cater for fleet operators and manufacturers.

Where are my options?

  1. Option 1 We provide you with an online and offline library of your vessel’s manuals and documents that is accessible via a personal login and password.
  2. Option 2 In addition to Option 1 email notifications for essential vessel maintenance, a log record and upload facility for all your vessel service invoices and reciepts.

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