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Why Marine Cloud

Why Marine Cloud

Marine Cloud protects your asset through better maintenance routines and improved record keeping.

A better maintained vessel

Maintenance notifications remind you when equipment maintenance is required and help keep your vessel in top condition.

Save money

Improved maintenance routines reduce running costs and minimise breakdowns.
Yachts using a planned maintenance system can gain access to savings on insurance & extended warranties.

Comprehensive maintenance records

A comprehensive set of searchable maintenance records assist the process when selling the vessel and owner’s benefit from reduced vessel depreciation.

Warranty maintenance schedules

New vessels are reminded when mandatory maintenance is required and can easily prove equipment has been maintained inline with manufacturer schedules in the event of a warranty claim.

Manage statutory requirements

Receive alerts before essential certificates expire.

Setup checklists with reminders for mandatory items such as safety checks and crew training, in the event of an incident on-board archived checklists can be searched to prove evidence of safety checks.

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